It's halfway through the school year and I'm just finally unpacking half the boxes I moved in with.

But at least I'm doing it, right?

It feels so great to get rid of all the stuff I don't need.
To take a big box of clothes that don't fit/don't look good/I'm bored with/aren't my style to DI and say goodbye to them.

I always sleep better in a room that isn't full of junk.

I found my old pointe shoes and leotards while I was cleaning out our storage room and I was reminded of the many opportunities I've been blessed with over the years.*

I put the leotards and ballet skirt in the giveaway pile, for some future ballerina to find.
But I kept the pointe shoes.
Because they taught me that hard work means blisters and tired feet and sore muscles.
And doing the same routine over and over and over.

But it also means getting to show off, just a little bit, when the work really pays off.

*And that really made me want to take a jazz or ballet class. It's funny how I came to college all excited to leave jazz behind and move on to ballroom. And don't get me wrong, I really do love ballroom. But sometimes I miss the grand jetes and the pirouettes and the tour jetes that my arms and feet grew up with.

image via deviantart


amanda/dave said...

I really like the part about the shoes and ballet. I took a ballet class this semester and loved it.

Josh said...

Huh... never knew "pointe" was spelled that way. Nice.