a story from the past--part two

(a continuation of this story)
The change was so gradual, but the recognition of that change was surprisingly sudden.

It took a few backward glances at what was, compared to what is.
To see the distance between the two.
It took being a stranger to her past self to see that she was not that person anymore.

She didn't realize it until later.
Much later.

But a bit of confidence and a little faith can go a long way.
And life is so much better when you live it on purpose.
Instead of waiting for it to happen to you.

And there are still days when she wears sweat pants and no makeup and listens to sad songs just for the sake of listening to sad songs.

But on those days when she just wants to feel sad because she isn't feeling anything else, the rut isn't deep enough to take eight months to climb out of.

It's the kind of rut that is just part of life.
The kind that reminds her what happiness isn't.
So that she can remember what it is.

And that's okay.
Because that's just life.
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