a new year

2010 was a good year, just like 2009. (goodness, I can't believe another year has already passed)

-made the ballroom dance team(yay!)
-got into the advertising program (double yay!)
-moved into a lovely little house with the same lovely ladies I've been living with for a while now
-grew up just a little bit more, fancy that.
-didn't move home for the summer. and that meant growing up and paying bills and being really busy, but loving it at the same time.
-wrote a lot more poetry than I ever have before.
-learned a little more about love and life and loving my life.

This year is going to be a good one. I just know it.
I've been thinking a little bit about resolutions and goals and what I want to commit to this year.
But I haven't made any decisions yet.
So I'll let you know when I have.

image via deviantart


kara lynn said...

i am like you i have a hard time thinking of the exact resolutions. because my list could be huge but i am trying to narrow it down to something central. that it can all relate to!

happy new years dear!

Abbie Smith said...

Truly, it's nice to know that you've got a lot of new stuff to look forward to and you have new things in life this new year. And like you, me and my family has a lot of new stuff to have and to hold this year.

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