a story from the past

She had been in a foul mood since June
But she was blind to her own bad attitude.

Well, mostly blind.
She knew it was there.
It was like that conversation you never want to bring up.
Because you know it's not going to end well.

So she just let it stay there.
It kept her company.
But she didn't realize how much it defined her for that time in her life.

She didn't believe how many "he's" might have wanted to be with her.
Because she was so focused on one particular "he" that wanted everything but her.

And even sometimes, she still wonders what those other "he's" saw in her.

Because she felt so broken so much of the time.

What did they see behind that face of strength she kept up until she closed the door to her tiny little room and crawled into bed?
What made them get her out of bed to go do something to feel like she was alive?

But the big question is: why is she different now? what changed?

image via deviantart


dramaspice said...

Um.. Laura. How did you know?

pepper said...

oh I know. I know just like that but a bit different, but the same. Are you writing a novel? I think you ought to. First dibs on the first draft, k?
Pepper x