After all, we're only human.

DiScLaImEr: This could, quite possibly, turn into a very "woe-is-me-sounding" post. It was not intended to be such, nor was it directed at any one person. It is just a collection of thoughts, on the subject of heartbreak; reflections drawn from my experiences with love.

I have been in a very thoughtful mood the past few weeks.

I have a confession: I don't think I've ever had my heart broken.

This does NOT mean that I have never experienced heartache, but it has always been a gradual process.

It was the inevitable realization that: he just doesn't want you back.

It's usually something that I knew all along, no big surprise. Maybe that is why it's never actually broken my heart. Broken implies something sudden, and shocking. That has never been the case.

Needless to say, feeling this way has taught me a lot about myself and how I cope with emotional turmoil and stress. It has made me realize that, even though I may feel weak, I can be tough; at least, tough enough.

Lucky for me, my brain does this really cool thing: it's called optimism. I have this weird way of finding the positive in all the crap that happens, and for that I feel so blessed. It has gotten me through some pretty rough days, allowing me to feel gratitude for all that I do have, rather than sorrow for what I have lost (or never had).

Today, I am grateful for friends and for that kind of love in my life; because I honestly believe, that love is all you need.

Did I mention that I'm happy for them, (
all of them)?

I honestly am. No sarcasm here.

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Katya said...

laura, laura, you are just so awesome.