Tell me you're in love; I'm the only one; Go on and lie to me

^Jon McLaughlin put it pretty perfectly^

How many times do we really want to hear the truth?


There are definitely times when we want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. (For example, in the case of which way the nearest gas station is when your gas gauge is on E, whether or not you need vaccinations before traveling to Ghana, or who ate the last piece of your pie)


How often do we want someone to tell us what we want to hear, even if it means letting them get away with a little white lie? Do you really want to hear it when: you find out there is no way you can get an A in that class, the person who picked your apple didn't wash his hands, Channing Tatum is bisexual, or that one person that usually makes you forget all the other junk says, "we need to talk."

Well...do you?


Bekah Parker said...

He is bisexual? How sad. Oh that just really turned me off. Sad!

brown eyed girl said...

haha I know! see....not one of the things you want to hear....because it's not like you'll ever get to meet him or anything, just ruins your daydreams now:).