Tell me your story

I had this thought the other day when I was walking home from campus: what makes the difference between a best friend or soulmate and a stranger? Of all the people that we encounter in some way, every day, what is it that pulls us to take another look and try a little bit harder to get to know some, but continue to walk right by others?

I don't believe that the word "soulmate" only applies to members of the opposite sex; it can be anyone that you can count on to walk with you, no matter what. Anyone that loves you for all that you are, even the part of you that is completely and irrevocably screwed up; the part that breaks down for no apparent reason or completely loses focus when they hear a really good song, or a beautiful acoustic guitar (that just happens to be attached to an almost-as-gorgeous musician). That is my definition of unconditional love; of Christlike love.

People always tell me that I "know everyone". It is true that almost anywhere I go, I see someone I know; but I really crave close, intimate relationships. I guess that is the "blue"in me coming out. (And yes, that was a Color Code reference).

So I guess, to anyone who is reading this, and is not already one of my friends (doubtful, I know): Tell me your story.

And, who knows, maybe we will become soulmates.


dramaspice said...

I'll be your soulmate.. I'm pretty sure you're mine :) You're the only one who follows my blog :D but then again I'm only two days in :P

Katya said...

loovveee it.
this post was really awesome, laura. :)

brown eyed girl said...

ooh I love comments:)