Happy Happy Easter!!

My famous Chicken Enchiladas.
(confession: they are only famous because it's really the only thing I know how to make)
Also, they normally look more appetizing than this, but a) I am not exactly a great photographer...yet and b) I forgot to put the chipotle peppers in them, so we put them on top. Oops.

Our lovely table before our lovely dinner of:
Chicken Enchiladas
Fruit Salad
Homemade Bread (thank you, Natalie!)

oh yes...inca kola.
¡viva peru!

Followed by a HI-LARIOUS game of Apples to Apples. Glorious.

Today was a great day.
It was particularly enlightening and uplifting.
Spring and Easter always seem really triumphant and optimistic. This feels more like a new beginning to me than New Year's does.

i love:
my family (seeing them in 15 days!!)
my friends
my ward family
roommates that I love living with
my digital camera
spiritual boosts
lazy sundays
joyful songs


Jennifer--flavorsoftheumpqua said...

Making my mouth water. You should post the recipe, your version, and I'll put a link to it from my blog. And they aren't the only thing you know how to make; you make an awesome cup of hot chocolate.

brown eyed girl said...

haha thanks:). Okay yeah I'll put the recipe up :) Good idea.