our timing is twisted...


I feel like it is a common theme in my life that the timing just seems to be a little bit off. Times when I have liked someone, but he doesn't realize it until I've moved on. Or vice versa. Times when everything seems like it might fall into place, except for the plane ticket standing in the way. Or when I know, deep down in my gut, that it's not the right time; that it might never be the right time, but I still waste the days I do have trying to make it work.

And end up missing out on something else. Maybe something better.

If I have learned anything valuable in this life of mine, it is to not put off the truly important things. These usually involve people. And people die, or move away, or get married, and things are never the same.

As John Mayer most eloquently puts it: say what you need to say.

a few simple thoughts:
1. never go to bed angry
2. never say goodbye to loved ones without letting them know what they mean to you
3. never let pride get in the way of making it right.

because you never know when the time will run out...


Bekah Parker said...

This is an awesome post!! Timing is very important. Story of my life...hence the cute boy in my Finance class:)

Jeannetta said...

Lovely post darling girl!

Katya said...

laura, you have the most interesting posts. i just love reading your blog. :)