A while ago, one of those "forward-esque" notes on facebook/emails/copy and paste type things circulated about posting 25 random things about yourself. I never did it before, but the thought just came to me to do it, over time, one fact at a time. So here goes:

Random Fact about Laura #1:

I am, and always will be, an Oregon girl.

(anyone who knows me well, knows how proud I am of that fact, and how much I love the trees, the rain, the lack of sales tax, and the tie-dye.)

BUT, I must say that I have significant amounts of California blood (from my mother) and Southern roots, (Charleston, South Carolina from my grandmother).

I need the beach, the pouring rain, and southern barbeque. Is that too much to ask for?

*Note: the title of this post is the title of my favorite Matt Wertz song. Check it out.

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Jennifer--flavorsoftheumpqua said...

Hey there Oregon Girl. Can't wait to have you home for the summer.