Goodbye to You(tah) :D

I feel another list coming on....

It's been a while.

Things I must do in the next 12 days...

1. Figure out where I am going to store my stuff over the summer.
2. Get rid of some unnecessary stuff so that it is easier to store.
3. Pack
4. Keep helping plan the California trip...
5. Taxes???
6. Clean out my desk...(currently full of everything I don't really have a place for, or that I am too lazy to put away)
7. Mail a package back home full of things that most definitely will not fit in my suitcase
8. FINALS...boo.
9. Hang out with Shannon before she gets married in July...
10. Get a Mango Peach Topper from Jamba Juice because I won't have it all summer.
11. Study beer info so Kris will make me a server soon! (for my job back home)
12. Go to the Tracy Aviary to look at birds for Bio. (ugghhh!)

I'm sure there are more things I'll have to do, but that's all I can think of for now.


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